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Aboriginal Art: Biddy Timbinah Artist: Biddy Timbinah
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Biddy Timbinah
Artist: Biddy Timbinah

Biddy was born in the Western Desert at Kiwirrkurra in the 1920s. As a child with her dad, three mums, sister and brother, she walked 1200 kms from there to Sturt Creek Station near Halls Creek. They lived there for many years and later at Old Flora River station, where Biddy worked as a maid in the station houses. She arrived to live in Halls Creek in 1973 and in 2007 started painting her country and the stories of when she was young in the Western Desert style. In 2012, Biddy won the Mid-West Art Prize for the overall award of excellence & the best work by an Indigenous artist at the Port Hedland Art Award.

Aboriginal Art: Janet Dreamer Artist: Janet Dreamer
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Janet Dreamer
Artist: Janet Dreamer

Janet was born in 1959 at Old Flora Valley Station, east of Halls Creek. Her parents were Jaru, her mother from Billiluna and her father from Balgo. Growing up on the station, Janet would go hunting and fishing with the old people. After marrying and living on Kilkimby Station in the Northern Territory, Janet lived between Halls Creek, Kununurra and Billiluna for many years. In DATE in Halls Creek, she began painting plant foods and bush meats that she grew up with. In more recent years, her work has been about places on her country. 

Aboriginal Art: Lulu Trancollino Artist: Lulu Trancollino
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Lulu Trancollino
Artist: Lulu Trancollino

Lulu was born in the 1930s on Bedford Downs Station to the north of Halls Creek, where she grew up hunting and gathering bush foods and married and had children. Lulu has been painting since 2007, mainly of the rockholes and ... at Dungi Valley on Bedford country. Lulu helped set up the Women's Centre and Kimberley Language Resource Centre, and sat on the KLRC Board for many years. Her works have been exhibited across Australia.

Aboriginal Art: Maggie Long Artist: Maggie Long
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Maggie Long
Artist: Maggie Long

Maggie was born sometime in the 1940s on Sturt Creek Station, south east of Halls Creek. She grew up there with her family, living the bush life, hunting & gathering, singing & dancing. All her paintings are about the stories that were told to her by her grandmother and the life that she lead growing up on country. By the time she settled in Halls Creek, Maggie had lived and worked on stations in the Kimberley and NT,  married and had a family. She sat on the Yaryilil Arts Centre committee for many years. 

Aboriginal Art: Renat'e  Jazyk Artist: Renat'e Jazyk
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Renat'e  Jazyk
Artist: Renat'e Jazyk

My mother is a Kija/Lunga elder from Moola Bulla (Ngarrawanji). I was born in Wyndham, i grew up in Halls Creek. i have been painting for awhile and my ancestors would like for me to keep painting to tell our stories.

Aboriginal Art: Rosie Lala Artist: Rosie Lala
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Rosie Lala
Artist: Rosie Lala

Rosie was born at old Balgo station sometime in the early 1940's. She stayed there with her family until she was about was six years old. They then walked hundreds of kilometres with her parents from the Tanami Desert to find work at Gordon Downs Station near Ringer Soak, 170 Kilometres from Halls Creek.

Their new home was a hard, dry, featureless place on the Great Antrim Plateau near the Northern Territory border, and they worked as virtual slaves - Rosie and her mother cooking and cleaning, her father on the cattle station. They lived with other station workers from the local Djaru community at Kundat Djaru (Ringer Soak), an area pitted with waterholes, picking bush onion and eating goanna, living a largely traditional life. But when the station closed in the 80s, many of the people moved to Halls Creek. Rosie stayed at Ringer Soak and still lives there today. Rosie proudly paints the dreaming stories that mother and father had told her.

Aboriginal Art: Sadie Padoon Artist: Sadie Padoon
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Sadie Padoon
Artist: Sadie Padoon

Sadie is a Jaru and Kukatja woman. Born in 1956, she grew up on Sturt Creek Station. As a child, Sadie loved going fishing and gathering bush tucker with her family as well as milking the goats. She schooled at Balgo missionand then moved to Halls Creek where she married. Sadie paints about the dreaming stories handed down to here by her mother & grandmother.

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